The 1st International Conference on Agriculture and IT/Iot/ICT

November 22-24, 2019 in Xi'an, Shanxi, China


Keynote Speaker

Ph.D. Jair Minoro Abe

University of Sao Paulo Brazil , Full Professor at Paulista University

Jair Minoro Abe received B.A. and MSc in Pure Mathematics – University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Also received the Doctor degree and Livre-Docente title from the same University. He is currently coordinator of Logic Area of Institute of Advanced Studies – University of Sao Paulo Brazil and Full Professor at Paulista University – Brazil. His research interest topics include Paraconsistent Annotated Logics and AI, ANN in Biomedicine, and Automation, among others. He is Senior Member of IEEE.

Professor Abe is studious of a family of Paraconsistent Annotated Logic, which is used to solve many complex problems in engineering. He has authored/edited books on Paraconsistent and related logic published by Springer Germany and other reputed publishers.

He is the recipient of many awards, including medals for his academic performance, and also received many best papers awards. Professor Abe is the Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Reasoning-based Intelligent Systems. Presently, Professor Abe serves as an Associate Editor and member of the EditorialBoard of some journals related to the intelligent systems and applications.

Professor Abe has supervised several Ph.D. candidates successfully and presented many keynote addresses.

He has authored/co-authored around 300+ publications, including books, research papers, research reports, etc.

Professor Abe’s research interests include System design using conventional and Artificial Intelligence techniques, Paraconsistent Annotated Logic, Human factors in Aviation, Intelligent Decision Making, Teaching &Learning practices, and Cognitive Studies.

Title of the Talk : Towards Paraconsistent Engineering

Non-classical logics have played an important role in AI and Technology. In this talk, we present an overview of Paraconsistent Annotated Logic and some its essential applications. Roughly such systems allow dealing with imprecise, inconsistent and incomplete systems of information. We show its usefulness in Biomedicine, Automation, Decision-making themes, among others.

KeywordsNon-classical logics, Artificial Intelligence, Paraconsistency, Paracompleteness, Computational Intelligence, Automation & Robotics. AI & Biomedicine

Ph.D.Andrey Tyugashev

The Samara State Transport University

Andrey Tyugashev,  Doctor of Science. He is a member of IEEE.  He received a PhD in Computer Science (CASE technologies) from the Samara State Aerospace University, Russia, in 1997 and titled as a habilitated professor since 2008 after receiving the Doctor of Science Degree. Since 2014 he heads Applied Mathematics & Computer Science Department of the Samara State Transport University. He is Associate Editor of KES Scientific Journal. Many times winner of Samara National Research University and Samara Region Grants for the best young post-doctoral researches. Winner (under the leadership of A.A. Kalentyev) of the Samara Region Scientific Grant. Winner of President of Russian Federation’s Grant for young Doctors of Sciences Author of ‘Programming Languages’ handbook published by central Russian Piter Publishing and other books devoted to Computer-Aided Lifecycle Support in Aerospace Industry, Visual Programming, etc. Awarded the sign of the Governor of the Samara region "for achievements in higher education and research" (2019). Awarded by a diploma from European council of International Society of electronic devices manufacturers.

Official Member of  Scientific and Technical Expert Registry of Russian Federation, areas of expertise include software engineering, programming languages, software verification, real-time control systems, etc).

Andrey Tyugashev leads research projects in Aerospace Industry since 1991.Member of Roskosmos’s Spacecraft Software Standardization Working Group.

Dr, Tyugashev published about 150 scientific works. He was invited plenary speaker at some international conferences (TMPA’2014, SCM’2018, etc.). He has served as a member of Program Committees for several international conferences (SYRCoSE-17,18,19, IDC’2019, etc.). Dr. Tyugashev helps as a Reviewer for Horizon Publishing journals. 

Title of the Talk: Consistent Intelligent Real-Time Control of Complex Systems


If we look around, we see the complex technical systems. These systems have a growing impact on our life. Railroad Transportation, Automated Manufactories, Nuclear Power Plants, Aerospace Missions – all of them consist of dozens of main subsystems. In turn, the subsystems consist of hundreds of sensors, actuators, aggregates and other devices. We can name this phenomenon as a system of the systems or complex of the complexes. Some such systems we can found in Information Systems in Agriculture.

The very important issue of the control of such technical super-system is required Real-Time mode of functioning. It means that in case of wrong synchronization of the processes the consequences might be catastrophically serious. Another very important issue that to complete the specific tasks of the complex, for example, production of the goods, transportation of the passengers or scientific research, we need to implement required schedule of the logically coordinated actions. These actions consume some kinds of limited resources. Today, the control of named systems is usually supported by the computers controlled by the software. The set of real-time control algorithms must implement consistent and sustainable control logic to complete required tasks in changing environment even in case of some faults of the equipment. So, we need some sort of ‘onboard intelligence’ to do this.

The speech is devoted to ways of synthesis and verification of such intelligent and dependable control software.

Keywords—Intelligent control, Software Engineering, Onboard Knowledge Bases, Control of Complex Technical Systems, Real-Time Control Algorithms, AI, verification, Formal Methods.

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