The 1st International Conference on Agriculture and IT/Iot/ICT

November 22-24, 2019 in Xi'an, Shanxi, China


The main purpose of ICAIT is providing a forum for exchanging ideas in terms of agriculture and IT/IoT. Therefore, not only academicians but also practitioners and industries are very welcome:

1. Agricultural Information Technology and Intelligent Systems

Bar code technology

ZigBee technology

Positioning Technology

WebGIS technology

RFID technology

Agricultural knowledge intelligent search

Agricultural mobile intelligence

smart device

Agricultural Machine Control.

Recent Advances in Intelligent Paradigms for Information Technologies.

Information Technologies Applicable to Smart Agriculture.

Intelligent Information Systems for Smart Farm Systems.

Web based Intelligent Systems on Agriculture.

ICT based Marketing of Agricultural Products.

Soft Computing Theories Applied to Agricultural Technology.

Intelligent Systems for Production Engineering applied to Agriculture.

Hybrid Intelligent Systems for Bioinformatics.

Agricultural Product Consumption Network Systems

Network Systems for Agricultural Produce.

Network Systems for Agricultural Food Processing. ·

Soft Computing Techniques for Smart Agriculture

Data Science for Agriculture

Intelligent Big Data Processing Applied to Agriculture

Intelligent Paradigm applicable to Agricultural Food Science.

  Intelligent Logistics for Agriculture.


2. Internet of Things

IoT for Agricultural Produce and Products.

IoT based Robotics and Automation for Agricultural Produce.

RFID systems

Smart Agriculture (Green Houses)

Ad hoc and wireless sensors network

Wireless intelligent networks


Technological focus for Smart Environments

Sensor networks

Signal processing

Architectures for IoT

IoT Interactions

Privacy/security in IoT

Web Technologies for the IoT

Novel affordances for IoT and Smart Objects

Networking and Communications Technologies for IoT

5G enabling IoT technology

Sensors Data Management, IoT Mining, and Analytics

Network Theory for IoT and Application

Network Protocols for IoT and Application

Intelligent Information Techniques for IoT

Intelligent Devices for IoT

IoT based Intelligent Control

IoT for Sensing Network

IoT for Intelligent Logistics

IoT based Distributed Systems

Software Engineering for IoT

AI Techniques for IoT


3. Cloud Computing

Cloud Services and Applications

Cloud Storage and Databases

Cloud Computing Architectures

Cloud Computing for Mobile and IoT

Distributed and Cloud Networking

Performance, Scalability, and Reliability for Cloud Systems And Applications

Cloud as a ServiceCloud InfrastructureCloud ManagementCloud SecurityCloud ApplicationsCloud Computing TechnologiesHow to manage big data in cloud computing


4. ICT Applications and Services

Converged ICT Technologies

Converged ICT Applications

Converged ICT Services

Important Due Dates

  Submission deadline:

   November 20, 2019

  Recruitment notice:

 November 25, 2019

  Final submission deadline:

December 15, 2019

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